Autumn Skin Care Essentials

Protecting your skin for fall weather

Keeping up your skin care routine and changing it as the seasons change plays an important role because you’ll never wear shorts in the winter or a coat in the summer, Cold weather is not fun for skin because it strips your skin of its moisture and causes irritation and dry skin which can be uncomfortable but read on we’ve got the tips and tricks to keep your skin happy during those cold days and nights.


Cold weather can be harsh to your skin, taking moisture out of your skin causing dry, flaky, cracked skin to appear. Without the proper care this can lead to a ton of problems like redness, cuts, itchiness and even worse like skin conditions such as eczema and acne. During cooler weather our Sebaceous glands which produces oil for our skin just simply don’t work as well as they would in warmer weather even though a warm shower may sound appealing during cold times the excessive use of warm water, humidifiers, and heaters don’t exactly help.


 Thankfully there is a way to avoid these issues, our skin loses and gains moisture more rapidly during the fall season so keeping your skin heavily moisturized at all times is the most efficient way to battle dry skin. A rich cream with a high content of glycerin is a good way to keep your skin protected, but your face may need a something a little different using an effective day cream throughout your day may give you that added layer of moisture you need to help combat the dry air around you. A night cream before bed can also help your skin lock in extra moisture preventing dryness as you sleep.


During cooler times we tend to forget about the importance of water and turn to hot drinks such as tea and hot coco to keep warm, but drinking lots of water is also an effective way of keeping your skin hydrated. Your skin is made up of cells and cells are made up of water so keeping them hydrated would give your skin an extra glow and much needed moisture to battle the cold dry harsh weather conditions. The colder air is the drier it becomes causing the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly this is known as “winter itch”  Skin loses at least 25% more of the ability to hold moisture in the winter  because  when we breathe in cold weather you can often see your breath that is actual vapor leaving your body, and it may seem odd but many people don’t know that we sweat in the cold as well but because the cold air causes it to evaporate so quickly you never notice it this is also causing your body to lose moisture resulting in dehydration. 


Aside from a cream and drinking water the most obvious solution is dressing accordingly long sleeves and jeans can protect your skin from the cold weather and bring heat to your body to help blood circulate properly and give your skin the warmth and moisture it needs. Although our skin does an extremely amazing job from protecting us from all of the elements, during the winter our skin goes into overdrive trying to keep all of our other organs warm while trying to battle the cool air