Sleeping is Beautiful

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “beauty sleep” before, but what does it actually mean well, sleep considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful. How is this possible? How could I become younger looking and beautiful in my sleep? Easy, by getting at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep I’m sure you’ll want to jump right into bed and get some rest after reading this.


Benefits of Beauty Sleep:

1. Fewer wrinkles, your skin makes new collagen while you sleep which helps prevent sagging

2. Getting the right amount of sleep can also help with the complexion of your skin. Your body boost blood flow to your skin as you rest, whereas sleep deprivation can decrease in blood flow and may have your skin looking dull and lifeless

3. Less puffy eyes, a lack of sleep may cause dark spots around your eyes and create under bags.

4. Who doesn’t want healthier, fuller, longer hair?  Hair loss, and damage can all be contributed to lack of sleep. Your hair follicles gain nutrients from blood flow, and like we said the less sleep deprived you are your blood flow deceases, causes hair loss and damage.

Why is Beauty Sleep Important?

Beauty sleep is can mean healthy younger looking skin for those who get enough of it. When your sleep deprived you stress a certain hormone in our bodies called cortisol. Once levels of the cortisol hormone are elevated this can cause stress and inflammation in your body and it will certainly show through your skin. Lack of sleep can result in an increase in the breakdown of collagen which gives our skin its glow, as we sleep our bodies boost blood to our cells kind of like a factory producing new and younger looking cells to help fight against wrinkles and fine lines. Not only is sleeping good for your skin but its also good for overall health. 



Tips to getting a good night’s rest

  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day, but not during the night.
  • Try sleeping in a cold dark quiet room.
  • Put your phone away! Instagram can wait!
  • Proper diet and exercise will only help you sleep better
  • Don’t eat too late in your day
  • Try going to bed early enough to allow yourself the maximum 8 hours of sleep. Most of us don't get enough sleep!

Skin Care and Sleep

Yes, sleeping does get the job done but there are beauty products that aid you back to your young beautiful self as your rest. Here are some common beauty products that turn back the time while you sleep!

  • Night creams
  • Night cleanser
  • Retinol Serums